Master Course: It's Not Brand Surgery.

The Uncomplicated Way to Craft a Brand That Gets You Noticed Online.

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"The course really helps you slow down and think about things strategically." - Sara

"It's seriously like surgery for your brand! Lilah really helped me figure out just where my passions were in being a maker and how to turn that passion into a vision for my brand." -Stephanie

Have you ever looked at a beautiful logo and branding board and thought to yourself, "I could do that!"? What if you could?!

What if you felt like you had the visual authority when it comes to the way you present your business to the world?

What if YOU could have a deep understanding of your brand as a whole?

What if YOU could actually be the one to create a brand that you feel proud of?

You've come to the right place if...

-You know what you want out of your business and brand, but you haven't figured out exactly how to execute it.
-You've looked into hiring a branding designer, but it's just not in your budget right now.
-You know that you're just a few steps away from an effective, world-changing brand.
-You understand (or at least appreciate) the basic concepts of art and design.

Branding doesn't have to be complicated.

You are a smart, creative, and lovely person and you are totally capable of building a beautiful, cohesive, and stunning brand for your small business.

I've worked with hundreds of makers on finding their voice and establishing their place in the online world.

I've nailed branding down to a very clear process that brings out the main pillars of your business and ties those ideals to visuals that convert customers and make clients fall in love with you.

I’m making it my job to empower makers just like YOU to self-brand your business in a way that is authentic and effective.

Your Instructor

Lilah Higgins
Lilah Higgins

Lilah Higgins is a graphic designer based in Cody, Wyoming right at the foot of Yellowstone. When she’s not chasing around her toddlers like a crazy woman or spending time with her techie husband, she is working alongside talented Makers by providing them with logos, branding, and design consultation. She drinks her coffee iced and enjoys opening her home to people and telling the stories of Makers & Creatives. She's also the founder of the #waketomake hashtag on Instagram. You can find her at

You could keep compiling the elements of your brand on your own. You could move on and keep the brand you have now, establishing your name slowly. You'll get there eventually for sure! But if there's one thing I've learned in small business, is that we are better together. It's not complicated, but it is much easier to build a brand with direction and community. Is It's Not Brand Surgery the course for you?

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